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1. Name of Business Entity : Enter the name of business unit on which name you are required Import Export Code Certificate. Name must be mached with PAN Database.

2. Constitution of Business : Select type of business entity of the applicant in which name IEC requires to apply.

3. Description of Business :Describe the nature of business for which IEC Code rquired.

4. Business Activity :Select anyone main business activity to be conducted.

5. Date of Incorporation / Date of Birth : Select the date of birth / incorporation as per the PAN Database.

6. Principal Place of Business Entity : Fill the complete address with Pincode which will get printed on IEC Certificate.

7. Branch Details : Enter the details of branch of applicant if any.

8. PAN Number of Entity : Fill up the PAN Number of the IEC Applicant.

9. E-Mail ID : Fill the correct Email ID of the Applicant.

10. Contact Number : Fill the correct 10 digit Mobile Number of the Applicant.

11. Whether the firm is located in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) : Select Yes if applicant business place is located in Special Economic Zone notifieed by Govt. of India.

Procedure To Obtain IEC Registration Certificate Online

Choose a service you require

Fill up the Application form

Upload required documents

Make online Payment

Executive will process application

Receive Certificate on mail